As the “Google search” for criminal justice information, REJIS brings together critical data in its Law Enforcement Web (LEWeb) data platform, the nation’s first regional secure criminal data-sharing network. With LEWeb, local and state police departments, as well as corrections, courts, government and quasi-government agencies can share and access information. The secure data-sharing network helps these agencies save money by creating an opportunity to pool resources, instead of requiring each department to buy critical high-end software. With REJIS’ easy to use system, agencies become more efficient through: drop down lists that use plain English instead of traditional codes or abbreviations; auto population of data; and the re-use of data along with fillable box fields. All these services enhance data integrity and reduce the chance of mistakes being made when entering crime data. “What REJIS does is pull together information from criminal justice agencies and integrates it so law enforcement officials everywhere can get the information they need quickly and accurately,” says Mike Duncan, Chief Information Officer, St. Louis County. “This helps get the bad guys off the streets faster and prevents them from getting away just because they cross jurisdictional lines.”
In addition to its LEWeb platform, REJIS was first in Missouri to offer the mobile ticketing technology that allows police officers to generate computerized traffic citations and parking tickets at the scene. This technology also allows officers to determine whether the driver has a criminal history, an outstanding warrant or is driving a stolen car before they get out of their car to greet the driver. Recently REJIS launched its Handheld Mobile Ticketing service.
Now officers have access to secure information and can protect themselves whether they are walking, biking, on mounted patrol, or working undercover. “In the past, we would need to call a dispatcher and wait for information or use a bulky mobile laptop device,” says Lt. Mike Thompson, Chesterfield Police Department.  “With the new mobile service we can keep our attention on the scene and get critical information easier and safer.”

With a state of the art secure data center to its personnel authorization procedures, REJIS is known for protecting the critical information that is shared through its secure networks. The agency was created in 1974 by a cooperative agreement between St. Louis City and County. It is the most comprehensive service of its kind in the region, serving customers in Missouri, Illinois, and Kansas. “There is no other service that can match the power of the REJIS’ system,” says Dana Pickett, Detective, St. Louis City Police Department, “they are the area’s most comprehensive provider of secure criminal justice information.”

REJIS’ General Manager, Dr. William Powell says that the organization continues to listen to its customers to find out what new technology will help them do their jobs more efficiently and safely. “We are testing new technologies right now,” says Powell. “These services are cutting-edge for this industry and because of REJIS, St. Louis will be one of the first regions to implement them.”  
This year, REJIS will celebrate 40 years of “connecting people with information.” It will share the celebration with the St. Louis Police Department, which will recognize its 50th year anniversary for using technology within the law enforcement community. To learn more about REJIS, visit .
The Regional Justice Information Service Commission (REJIS) is the leading provider of cutting-edge information technology (IT) services and products for the criminal justice community in Missouri, Kansas and parts of Illinois. For 40 years, REJIS has developed innovative and cost-effective technology solutions to enhance public safety. Their award-winning services allow local and national police, courts, corrections and government agencies to share and access critical criminal justice information in a secure high-speed digital environment. In addition to providing access to data, REJIS helps municipalities streamline operations through secure on-line payment and code enforcement technologies. REJIS is governed by a board of commissioners representing the region’s top criminal justice industry leaders, police departments, lawyers, academics, and government officials. Today it serves more than 300 criminal justice agencies with 32 products and services.

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