Gateway to Innovation Recognition-2012

REJIS was recognized at the 6th Annual Gateway to Innovation conference held at the Renaissance St. Louis Grand Hotel on April 26, 2012. The Gateway to Innovation Conference highlights information technology innovation in St. Louis that drives economic growth across all industries, showcases current IT success and explores the IT future.

During the conference REJIS was presented with the 2012 Business Innovation Award for small companies/organizations for "Outstanding Business Innovation for the Integration of Kansas City and St. Louis Law Enforcement Systems".

Award Announcement

Award G2I KC ProjectThe 2012 Business Innovation Award of the Gateway to Innovation for small companies/organizations was presented to REJIS at the annual Gateway to Innovation Conference held Thursday, April 26, 2012 at the Renaissance St. Louis Grand Hotel.  The award recognizes an IT initiative implemented in 2011 that provided significant business innovation or improvement, demonstrating concrete business results, such as cost savings, improved productivity and improved processes.
On Sunday, August 28, 2011 at 5:00 a.m. 120 criminal justice agencies in Western Missouri and Eastern Kansas that used the Kansas City Police Department’s ALERT computer system entered a new age as the functionality of the ALERT system was integrated with the St. Louis area system operated by REJIS. At that time all law enforcement transactions to Regional, State, and National systems were re-routed to use the REJIS network and populate REJIS databases. Also, the REJIS municipal court application became operational for the Kansas City Municipal Court and their legacy data was converted and loaded into the REJIS system. In conjunction with the new court system the KCPD began using hand-held devices to write tickets, thus automating the entire ticketing process.
The events on August 28 culminated a yearlong development and data conversion project that involved installing REJIS’ law enforcement application LEWeb at each agency; making custom modifications to support interfaces with the Kansas Criminal Justice Information System and motor vehicle registration and driver’s licensing system (KDORS); development of the hand-held ticketing application and integrating it with REJIS’ Mobile Ticketing program; customization and installation of REJIS’ municipal court system IMDSPlus; conversion of legacy data from the ALERT law enforcement and court databases to REJIS formats; establishing network connections for all terminals in the 120 agencies; and providing preliminary operator training on the new systems.
The implementation has generated efficiencies in operations, provided new functionality to all users both in new services and new capabilities in existing functions, and generated $300,000 in savings through reduced operational costs in the first year and is estimated to reduce expenditures by $1 million a year in future years.
Accepting the award was David Machiran REJIS Project Manager; Captain Greg Volker, Project Manager for the Kansas City Police Department; and John Franklin, Project Manager for the Kansas City Municipal Court.

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