GMS - Grant Management System

GMS was developed in 2002 by REJIS for the Missouri Highway Safety Division to support their efforts to manage a large volume of grant applications.  These applications are spread over many program areas which in turn are supported by one of several funding sources. This system was subsequently rewritten by REJIS in 2009 as a fully web enabled service with many enhancements. The IDG Computerworld Honors Program recognized the REJIS’ Grants Management System as a Laureate in 2010 after just its first year of use. GMS is designed to support program management activities throughout the budget year, benefiting grantee agencies as well as the administrating agency. 

Benefits and Features

Program application process: A combination of static and configurable application criteria allows the addition of grant programs without enhancements to the application. This information, captured in conjunction with optional predefined program question responses, helps determine which submitters are awarded grant funds.

Permission based agency/contact management: Program oriented permissions, defined by the administering agency, controls access to data within GMS. They also support defining programs available to client agencies. These controls can be fine tuned for contact permissions within an applying agency.

Funding Source to contract associations: A key feature supporting the contract award process is reconciling approved applications dollars to funding sources. Required award and monitoring functions are therefore expedited in GMS to a significant degree.

Applicant Support Features:

  • Historical reference to applications and approved contracts
  • Program instructions and other documentation
  • Online grant application and contract monitoring
  • Online vouchering submission and monitoring
  • Real time insight into their funding/voucher status's

Other Significant benefits:

Administrative Support: Given grantee access to information online, the administrating agency realizes a significant reduction in the time spent providing individualized support.

Reporting: Reports for program contract monitoring, year end assessment and efficacy analysis are provided to support grant management evaluation processes.

Potential for automated financials and funding source agency inquiries suggest many other opportunities for staff efficiency as desired.

REJIS is committed to supporting this application as demonstrated by years of support and enhancement activity. 

Please contact your client services representative for information on pricing and service options.