Automated Traffic Ticketing

Mobile Ticketing can automate the generation of a ticket and serves as a way to electronically update one of REJIS’ municipal court management systems by opening a new case and making a docket entry. When used in a mobile environment the preparation of traffic citation, summons, and parking tag is automated by using data returned from vehicle registration and driver history records to populate the ticket form. When paper tickets have already been prepared they can still be entered in Mobile Ticketing to allow reports on enforcement activity to include all tickets issued by the agency. In either environment selected data entered on the first ticket record can be copied to create additional tickets for the same individual. Also, when a ticket is approved, the data entered in Mobile Ticketing automatically generates an entry in IMDS or IMDSPlus. This electronic exchange improves efficiency and improves record quality and consistency.

Benefits and Features

  • Supports the reuse of data to minimize errors and improve efficiency in the ticket generation process
  • Use driver history and vehicle registration responses to populate the ticket
  • Use to start additional tickets
  • Use to start other law enforcement records (FIR, Traffic Analysis)
  • Improves record quality by applying edit rules at the time the ticket is prepared
  • Interfaces with the LETS (Law Enforcement Traffic System) for street data
  • Produces a legible original ticket when used in the mobile environment
  • Transfers data to the IMDS or IMDSPlus court management systems, automatically opening a case and making a docket entry with no intervention from the court clerk.
  • Supports generation of reports on officer / enforcement activity
  • Allows for agency administrator to customize selected features and control access
  • Allows individual officers to customize certain functions to make their use of the application more efficient
  • Reduces administrative overhead associated with ticket number accountability
  • Allows for customization of the ticket approval process in the agency
  • Eliminates need for special form printing and associated storage of forms


The Mobile Ticketing software, its use, associated data storage, training, and support are provided at no charge to agencies that have a subscription for REJIS’ basic law enforcement services. To use in a mobile environment a printer, vehicle mounting device, and supplies are required. The agency is responsible for any costs associated with the printing of tickets (acquisition, maintenance/repair, supplies). When used in conjunction with a wireless terminal device the agency is responsible for any charges associated with that service. If Mobile Ticketing is used in conjunction with a REJIS court management system the transfer of data from Mobile Ticketing to the court system is provided at no charge, however, standard fees for use of the court management system apply.

Please contact your client services representative for information on pricing and service options.