PASS - Electronic Policy Distribution & Acknowledgement System

PASS was designed to facilitate the review and acknowledgement of new and revised policies distributed by an agency. Using a web browser as the main access point, the system allows staff to review policies at their convenience from any agency authorized personal computer. In addition to providing a repository for policy information, PASS supports comprehensive tracking and reporting functions, including electronic signatures.

Benefits & Features

  • Instant Distribution: Ensures the most current version of agency policies, procedures, and other correspondence are distributed and accessible instantly to all personnel via email.
  • Easy Navigation: Access is through a web browser from any agency computer.
  • Security Protected: User access is managed via user IDs and passwords. All access can be managed and controlled by a designated administrator to ensure document integrity.
  • On-Line Policy Testing: PASS provides the ability to test the comprehension of employees on written policy. Create and manage tests.
  • Paperless Distribution: Eliminates the need for paper documents, reduces printing costs, and the need for physical storage space while preserving data integrity.
  • CALEA Accreditation: The report function contains testing and acknowledgement reports that meet CALEA (Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies) requirements.
  • On-Demand Reports: Allows supervisors to review who has completed policy review and testing.
  • Email: Email can be used to notify employees of directives waiting to be reviewed.
  • Archive: A record of all transactions is permanently stored on a REJIS server for historical purposes. Users can review policies at any time.
  • Training: Administrator training is included in this service.
  • Electronic Sign-Off: Users can sign off or test by entering their user ID after reviewing a policy. Officers in the field can view the policies and documents from their mobile laptops. Supervisors can bulk sign-off for users during initial set-up of previously acknowledged documents.
  • Create Space: Eliminates individual binder copies of policy as all policies are electronically accessible.
  • Manipulate Documents: Current documents can be downloaded from Word and all documents can be searched by key words.
  • All data resides on a server located at REJIS: The server, license(s), data backup, monitoring and security patches are included as part of this service.


REJIS as Host
Size of Agency   Monthly Charge  Installation
1-25 employees    $2 per employee*   $150
26-50 employees    $2 per employee*   $250
51-99 employees    $2 per employee*   $350
100-199 employees    $200   $750
200+ employees    $450   $1,500 minimum


*Non-commissioned employees in a Police/Sheriff Department are billed, as an option, at $1.00 per employee per month (up to 99 employees) in addition to the above listed charges.

For an additional fee, REJIS can bulk load employee profiles and/or current policies.

Technical Requirements

PASS requires an existing TCP/IP connection to REJIS and Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher.

Please contact your client services representative for information on pricing and service options.