IMDSPlus - Court Management Suite

The Integrated Metropolitan Docketing System, or IMDSPlus, is a court management system for municipal courts. The application handles all municipal court functions from the initial filing to final disposition, including partial payment of fines and costs. The system supports optional interfaces with the law enforcement system for automated warrant entry and cancellation. The interface connects to the Missouri Department of Revenue for automated prior convictions for traffic violators. IMDSPlus supports DOR conviction reporting.

Benefits and Features

  • Customizable case types and docket types
  • Interfaces to REJIS law enforcement systems
  • Background Wanted check - An automatic check of the REJIS active wanted file—for all defendants on a docket
  • Electronic audit trail for tracking transactions
  • Cash reporting capabilities
  • Code tables based on state and national standards, with customization capabilities
  • Department of Revenue Conviction (DOR) Reporting - Allows user to submit reports in either paper or electronic format to DOR
  • Interface to DOR driver history records for prior convictions
  • Attorney name and bar number verification provided through a cooperative effort with The Missouri Bar Association
  • Provides extensive management and statistical reporting, including the OSCA Municipal Division Summary Reporting Form
  • Mobile Ticketing interface allows docket scheduling at the time a ticket is written, in addition to creating an IMDSPlus case automatically
  • Easy filing of cases using drop downs and user friendly screen designs
  • Unique receipt numbers and real time receipt balancing
  • Real time reports for disbursements to multiple accounts
  • Standardized reports, letters, and notifications, with customization capabilities
  • Bond capabilities, including forfeitures and payments
  • Secure court data sharing with approved agencies
  • All data resides on a server located at REJIS. The server, license(s), data backup, monitoring and security patches are included as part of this service.
  • Red Light Camera service interface that will automatically create a case in IMDS, automatically schedule the case to a “camera ticket” docket, and provide a report to the service provider when the disposition is guilty and the fine is paid.
  • Integrates with REJIS On-Line Pay Application.

Please contact your client services representative for information on pricing and service options.