IJMS - Jail Management Suite

View and manage inmate classification, medical status, property location, incidents, grievances, commissary accounts, inmate banking system, scheduling, visitors, and transportation from any networked computer in the correctional facility. The system provides paperless event journalizing, staff assignments and scheduling. Secure User IDs and passwords control the level of user access.

Features and Benefits

Intake Processing

Past Confinement Smart Search ensures each Inmate Identification Number is assigned for life. Interface to Biometric fingerprint capture software for inmate enrollment and release verification. Additional numeric identifiers may be collected under the primary Inmate Number, including:

  • Local (LID/CID)
  • JIS Court Case
  • REJIS Arrest Booking
  • State (SID)
  • SSN
  • Federal (FBI)
  • OCN

Multi-Facility Management

Cell Movement, Event Processing and Officer Notes, and Multi-Facility Capability are all functions that can be monitored and controlled from any computer connected to the IJMS network.

Inmate Management

System wide Alert Instant Messaging for medical and suicidal inmates. Inmate record retention of alias names, associates, co-defendants, enemies, relatives, arrest charge review and visitors. Client configurable questionnaires with point accumulative model to determine appropriate housing. Journaling for Inmate Chronological Notes for paperless data collection; enhanced interface to JIS (Justice Information Service), schedules and dispositions; tracking of inmate issued and personal property; incident/grievance and hearing data; all maintained in one concise electronic file. Complete confinement history, release, and sentence calculation.

Jake’s Law Notification

No release until the victim notification process is complete.

Accounting Functions

Commissary processing and inmate bond management, cash drawer and court disbursement.

Internal and External Interfaces*

IJMS can provide Law Enforcement Interface Integration including REJIS, state and national active wanted records, REJIS Arrest Records, Hit Notification System, IRIS Mug Shots, Housing Unit Card, Line Up, Wristband, Live Scan, Social Security Administration, CrimeMATRIX and Inmate Phone System modules.

* Agency must have REJIS access.

IJMS Summary of Features

Internal Interfaces

  • LEWeb Integration
    • Arrest Processing
    • Short Profile
  • Hit Notification System
  • IRIS Mug Shots
    • Housing Unit Card
    • Line Up
    • Wristband
  • Live Scan
  • JOI Jail Operating Index for Private Attorney Access
  • Local Want/Warrant Check or REJIS
  • Want/Warrant Check

Intake Processing

  • Identification Numbers
    • IMN (inmate)
    • Local (LID/CID)
    • State (SID)
    • Federal (FBI)
    • SSN
    • OCN
    • JIS Court Case
    • REJIS Booking
    • REJIS Arrest Tracking
  • Past Confinement Smart Search

Facility Management

  • Cell Movement
  • Event Processing – Officer Shift Chronological Notes
  • Multi-Facility Capability

Accounting Functions

  • Boarding for Other Agencies
  • Commissary Processing
  • Inmate Funds
    • Bond Management
    • Cash Drawer
    • Check Writing
    • Disbursements (for Courts)

System Architecture

Oracle Client Server Utilizing Microsoft Windows

Inmate Management

  • Alert Instant Messaging - System- Wide
    • Medical
    • Suicide
  • Alias
  • Associates
    • Co-defendant
    • Enemy
    • Relative
  • Charge Review
  • Classification
    • Client configurable questionnaires
    • Point accumulative model determines appropriate housing
    • Separate approval feature

Inmate Management (cont.)

  • Enhanced Interface to JIS
  • Schedules and Disposition
  • Incident/Grievance/Hearing
  • Inmate/Facility Property
    • Automatic Selection
    • Multiple Property Rooms o
    • Short and Long Term
  • Journaling for Inmate Chronological Notes
  • PDF Profiles
    • Short (face sheet)
    • Long (complete confinement history)
  • Release
    • Integrated Warrant Check
    • Supports Jake’s Law Notification
    • Temporary and Final
  • Scheduling
    • Housing Assignments
    • Medical Appointments
    • Rehabilitation Classes
    • Work Assignments
  • Sentence Calculation
  • Strip Search Tracking
  • Visitor Control


  • Support for Ad Hoc Reporting
  • 11 types of Bond Reports
  • 9 types of Statistical Reports
  • 9 types of Ad-Hoc Reports
  • 9 Online Reports


  • Audit Capabilities
  • Codes
    • Facility
    • Inmate
    • Approximately 100 Standard Parameter-Driven Reports
  • Personnel Scheduling
  • Questionnaire Maintenance
  • Security Control
    • User & Group Profiles
    • Device Location

External Interfaces

  • Highway Patrol Live Scan
  • Inmate Phone System
  • MULES & NCIC Warrant Check
  • Social Security Administration


  • Kiosk in Housing Units
  • Lobby Kiosk for Deposits
  • Internet Deposits
  • Telephone IVR Deposits
  • Western Union Deposits


Please contact your client services representative for information on pricing and service options.