LETS - Law Enforcement Traffic System

LETS was developed in conjunction with the Highway Safety Division of the Missouri Department of Transportation. LETS supports Missouri law enforcement agencies management of crash reports, citation, warning and complaint data. The four systems in one application, coupled with the capability for the agency to customize certain functions to address local requirements, provide a powerful administrative tool. An optional use interface with the Missouri Department of Revenue facilitates the retrieval of driver and vehicle registration information. Another optional use interface supports creation of an electronic crash report and transmission of that report to the Missouri State Highway Patrol. Contact REJIS to join the more than 100 law enforcement agencies in Missouri that use LETS.

LETS Crash Reporting function is MUCR compliant. This includes electronic reporting via e-STARS.  LETS provides graphical location mapping tools for Crash Report entry which reduces departmental administrative overhead as well as improve the quality of data captured. LETS also has a data portal feature for Crash Reports and Citations to enable interfaces with local RMS solutions as well as supporting vendor solutions for public access to Reports.

Benefits and Features

Customized use:

  • Local administrators control access authorization and user rights.
  • Local administrators maintain tables used by the application that are specific to the agency’s jurisdiction, court location, and charges.
  • Local administrators can configure ticket number formats and form navigation.

Data security and use:

Data collected as part of the LETS application is stored in the REJIS data center, a modern facility rated as a Tier 2 data center. The data is owned by the reporting agency and they retain control over the use of and access to the data.


The data collected can be used to generate reports for any number of purposes including identification problem areas, effectiveness of enforcement activities, general enforcement activity, in support of budget requests, and in response to citizen complaints among others.

Administrative efficiency:

  • REJIS provides dedicated responsive support for LETS via their 24/7 Help Desk support
  • Supports electronic transmission of crash report and diagrams to MSHP (E-STARS)
  • Data capture is supported using wireless terminal devices


Training is conducted on an as needed basis via telephone or scheduled administrator classes. Administrator training is offered in St. Louis, at the REJIS Commission office, or in Kansas City at the Kansas City Police Academy. The training is focused on agency unique settings in LETS, and administrator functions. Typically the non-administrator users are trained by the local agency administrator.

No Cost:

Use of the LETS application, interfaces, help desk support and training is provided at no cost to the participating agency courtesy of a grant administered by the Highway Safety Division. Computer terminal equipment and communications circuits, including charges for wireless service if used and Internet service, are the responsibility of the participating agency.

LETS Sign Up Procedure

The sign up procedure for the LETS program is simple and straight forward. Complete the LETS Agency Enrollment Form and submit it to REJIS. The form can be found on the REJIS website – Click Here. Upon receipt REJIS will initiate the necessary action to enroll the agency, assist in downloading the application and schedule training for the agency’s LETS administrators. Once trained the LETS administrator defines the other members of the agency to the LETS application, assigns User IDs and access rights. The administrator also updates the code tables, street file and completes any other customization that may be desired.  If the DOR interface is to be used, each person with that access must have a REJIS User ID. To obtain the User ID each individual must complete an Operator Identification (OID) form. This form is available from the same website as the Agency Enrollment Form.

Complete Agency Control

Each agency is responsible for loading unique agency information into their personal LETS application.  Officers, streets, ordinances, and other automatically populated fields are initially entered by an agency administrator.  The administrator attends the free LETS training class to learn the process. After the required information is entered, anyone at the agency can enter and submit accident reports. There are additional citation, warnings, and traffic complaint records for agency use.  LETS can be connected to the Missouri Department of Revenue (DOR) for automated driver and vehicle record inquiry and population into the electronic accident report record. If an agency does choose to activate the DOR feature, there is a required REJIS User ID assigned. Assignment of the REJIS User ID requires submission of an Operator ID Form. That form is available on the REJIS web site. If the DOR feature is not engaged, the agency administrator assigns a User ID and password . Users who don’t have DOR access are entered into LETS by the agency administrator. Whether using the DOR feature or not, LETS is simple to use and maintain.  The best feature of LETS is the live collection of data for statistical reporting. Many agencies have found this infinitely helpful with use in grant funding and governmental report completion.

System Requirements

The application is a Microsoft Windows based application and requires Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher.  The recommended RAM is 192 MB and the minimum is 128 MB with 60 MB of hard disk space available for the download.  Internet connection should be high speed, 300K or greater. Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 is also required and it is included in download. Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0 or greater is required to view reports. There is a link to the download this program on the LETS reports web page.
Please contact your client services representative for information on pricing and service options.